Pre School

The Educators Pre-school was launched in 2004 and today there are over 252 branches across Pakistan. During the first few years of early childhood, children go through rapid physical and mental development and we offer a curriculum that is designed to provide a well-rounded and concrete foundation for the crucial early years of a child’s life as he/she prepares for school. The curriculum is based on active forms of learning, on stimulating a curious mind, on discovering, and learning is experiential (learning-by-doing) rather than learning that is based exclusively on books. Our pre-school provides an environment where teachers establish individual bonds with young students; activities are designed to engage young minds, to create a culture that facilitates learning, while providing an environment for skill and social development. The first start to a child’s life is important and its success is significantly influenced by the active involvement of parents and teachers. Parents are encouraged to be informed and be aware of how their contribution can enrich their child’s learning experience. Our vision for each and every child is based on Developing a balanced sense of self-awareness and respect Finding a valued place in the school community Learning to form healthy, lasting relationships and increasing their social network Cultivating aesthetic appreciation, igniting a curious and explorative mind Establishing basic knowledge of skills and attitude

High School

Children usually make a smooth transition from The Educators Pre-school and are geared to start primary from class 1 up to class 5 at The Educators Primary School (students carry on from class 6 up to Matriculation). Students are introduced to exciting new subjects, such as Science and Mathematics, and their world begins to expand at a very rapid pace.Our curriculum is relevant and current, pivoting on English medium education and adapted to the local context with a special focus on Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies and Urdu. We endeavour to ensure that all the various elements necessary for a well-rounded education and opportunities to excel are within reach of students.The Educators provides an environment that encourages learning and facilities to enhance and support students’ education. Our teachers go through periodic trainings to be at par with new teaching-learning strategies and our schools have well-stocked libraries, science laboratories and computer facilities

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